The Equity Risk Premium (forthcoming book) — slides posted

Yesterday I gave a Zoom talk for a Business school seminar at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. My thanks go out to Dan Pirjol, Zack Feinstein, and the other folks from the Business school at Stevens, both for the invitation and attending.

I summarized results from my forthcoming book: “The Equity Risk Premium: Unified Modeling + Python Automation”.
If you’re interested in a preview, here are the slides:

Download “The Equity Risk Premium: slides: Stevens”

THE-EQUITY-RISK-PREMIUM.Stevens.pdf – Downloaded 1169 times – 1.92 MB

4 thoughts on “The Equity Risk Premium (forthcoming book) — slides posted”

    1. I am currently hoping to get it out by year-end. But I am still doing research for one chapter, so this is quite tentative.

    1. Thanks for your interest, Hal. I’m still typing but hoping to get it out to amazon before the end of the year.
      The title will be “The Equity Risk Premium: an Options-based Approach”.

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